Upcoming SOLS Trainings

Wed, 09/02/2020 to Wed, 06/30/2021


The STAR Online Learning System (SOLS) is designed to allow your school district to provide access to all students through remote learning opportunities. Through teacher-facing lesson plans and a scope and sequence that provides scaffolded learning opportunities, teachers can provide their students individualized learning opportunities. The focus of the instruction uses the evidence-based practices appropriate for students with autism to teach skills in critical areas. This comprehensive workshop provides participants with detailed examples and practice activities on how to implement the evidence-based practices identified in the National Standards Report (2009) remotely using SOLS. Participants will learn how to implement these strategies through structured lesson plans and a curriculum scope and sequence.  The workshop will include extensive data collection systems and practice with the on line learning system.  Workshop topics will include the use of a PowerPoint lecture, video examples, presenter demonstration, and participant “hands-on" practice in virtual breakout rooms. 

All trainings are currently being conducted virtually and contracted directly through states and school districts. 

Interested in training? Please fill out this form to request information on whether an upcoming training is being hosted by your district or state.