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Home Supports: Implementing Remote Learning

Activities, ideas, and supports

Use the home supports materials to support your child in participating in routines in your home.

Activities / IdeasMaterials Provided

Caregiver General Information

Your child’s educational experience through distance learning will be a combination of efforts between you and your child’s teacher using the SOLS (STAR Online Learning System) curriculum. Information in the caregiver guide provides an overview of what to expect as your child participates in distance learning education.

Remote Instruction Checklist and Guide

Use the Caregiver Pre-Session Checklist to identify what you will need prior to starting a SOLS session, then refer to the Caregiver Quick Guide for an overview of what to expect during a SOLS learning session.  

Motivational Resources and Supports 

Using positive behavioral supports will increase children's engagement during instructional sessions and help them become more independent in everyday routines. Use the token boards and reinforcement guides to help your child understand expectations and provide positive feedback for a job well done.