STAR Training DVD: Level 2

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Content of the STAR Training DVD: Level 2

The STAR Program Training DVD: Level 2 shows examples of the Level 2 programs from the STAR Program. There is an example lesson shown for each of the 54 Level 2 programs. The content of the Level 2 Lessons are a natural developmental progression from the STAR Level 1 Lessons. Lessons are taught using the techniques of discrete trial trianing, pivotal response training and teaching functional routines. The STAR Level 2 Lessons are in six content areas: expressive language, receptive language, spontaneous language, functional routines, pre-academic skills and play/social interaction skills.

The Level 2 STAR Program Training DVD is helpful if your student often follows some simple commands, but has difficulty with 2-step commands or more complex requests. Additionally, if your student uses only one word (or picture) to request desires, understands only simple nouns, plays only in isolation and follows simple routines, this level would be appropriate.

The STAR Program Training DVD: Level 2 provides information on how to teach students to: 

  • Follow 2-step commands.
  • Use multiple words to make requests.
  • Use simple verbs such as "sleeping, eating and crying".
  • Learn the names of other children.
  • Play interactively.
  • Identify numbers, letters and a few sight words.
  • Answer "wh" questions.
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