Penny Boards

Teach your students to:

♦  Count to five! ♦  Open a student store!
♦  Understand the value of money! ♦  Purchase items from the store using rewards
♦  Wait for a reward!     earned from the token board!

The STAR Penny Token Board is an efficient token reinforcement system that can be used to teach students with autism.  The Penny Token Board can be used in conjunction with any ABA program or as an individual student token system that can be used throughout the day.  The Penny Token Board also has a detailed manual on "how to teach" the student using the board.  There are three Token Boards which can be used in conjunction with the three levels of the STAR Program. 

Related Products: 

STAR Penny Token Board Kit (Level I,II,III)

The STAR Penny Token Board Kit includes : One of each Penny Board (Level 1, 2 and 3).
It also includes a CD Manual on how to use each of the three types of Penny Boards.


Level I STAR Penny Token Board (3 Pack)

Teach your student to use a token board. This token board can be used with the beginning level student with autism. The student earns one to five pennies for a reward. This package includes three Level 1 Penny Boards. The CD Manual is sold separately. 


DT Essentials

The perfect complement to the Token Board Reinforcement System, the DT Essentials Package provides a wide range of interactive and sensory toys.  These are both fun and motivating reinforcers that will enhance all of your lessons throughout the day.  The package of 11 toys includes, but is not limited to, spinners, squiggle pens, squishy balls, slinkies and many more!

DT Essentials also includes the following:


STAR Instructional Apron

Six spacious pockets will hold everything you need for individual or group instruction.  Now you can carry photo cards, icons, penny boards and manipulatives and still have a free hand for taking data or working with your students!


Token Board/DVD Combo

This package includes:

  • 1 STAR Penny Token Board Kit
  • 1 Implementing the Token Board System DVD

Implementing the Token Board System DVD

by Misten Daniels MS and John Gill MS, edited by Zodbox

This easy to use DVD includes information on each of the following topics: