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STAR Online Learning System (SOLS) is designed to allow your school district to provide access to preschool, elementary, and secondary students through remote learning opportunities. Through evidence-based lesson plans and a scope and sequence that provides scaffolded learning opportunities, your teachers can provide their students individualized learning opportunities from anywhere in the world.

Services for students at ALL learning levels, including children who have:

  • Minimal language or are non-verbal
  • Motor skill limitations
  • Challenges attending to instruction

All students deserve access to educational services, no matter the circumstances. This is why we've created a curriculum to support student instruction when classroom learning is not a possibility, including:

  • In-home services for medically fragile children
  • Extended school year programming during school breaks
  • Instruction in rural and remote areas
  • Weather-related and unexpected school closures 
  • Secondary and Elementary / Preschool curriculum available

What makes SOLS unique from other SPED online learning programs?

STAR Autism Support offers multiple ways to engage with teachers and caregivers: 


Home Supports:

To support caregivers and students during this time of significant routine upheaval, we are offering free visual resources and video modeling for families. Caregivers can use these free resources to support their children during daily routines.

For STAR Media Center and LINKS users

Instructorless Learning:

Anyone with access to the STAR Media Center and/or Links has access to our new Home Packets. These printable materials offer caregivers and students fun, theme-based materials that are designed to meet students’ individual learning levels. The printable packets offer flexibility for caregivers to decide when their children engage with materials, providing opportunities for students to work independently to maintain previously learned skills.

SOLS paid subscription

Synchronous Remote Learning:

To support individual IEP goals and the development of new skills, we recommend our SOLS. Synchronous remote instruction offers the opportunity for teachers to individualize and scaffold curriculum to meet the unique needs of all students.

How can I ensure that educators are delivering appropriate instruction to students with more significant learning challenges?

SOLS includes three strands to address the learning needs of students with significant disabilities:

Strand A sessions are for students who may have difficulty attending to the instructor during an online session. The focus of these sessions will be coaching caregivers to teach students skills both during the online sessions and throughout the day. Instruction will focus on attention, social communication, building vocabulary and language skills, following directions, and student specific IEP goals and objectives. Caregivers will be supported in learning reinforcement strategies and developing home routines.

Strand B sessions are for students who are able to attend for short periods of time and will be a combination of direct teaching and caregiver coaching. Instruction will focus on increasing communication skills, attention, literacy, math, and student specific IEP goals and objectives. If needed, caregivers will be supported in learning reinforcement strategies and developing home routines.

Strand C sessions are for students who are able to attend for the entire session and will be direct teaching between the student and teacher. Instruction will focus on communication, academics, extended attention, completing independent work assignments, and student specific IEP goals and objectives.

Why is it important to provide online services to students with disabilities?

Under federal law, extended school year services must be made available to students with disabilities as necessary in regard to regression and recoupment. Because this population is at high risk for loss of skills during a gap in instruction, it's vital that students access curriculum to support maintenance and reinforcement of skills. 

On March 21st the U.S. Department of Education Fact Sheet indicated that school districts should use distance education to meet the requirements of a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) if at all possible. See the fact sheet here.

How can STAR help during school closures?

STAR Online Learning System (SOLS) was developed specifically to support students who encounter breaks in service and/or challenges accessing traditional classroom instruction. This enables our program to provide schools with a solution that bridges unexpected gaps in public school programming.

Is SOLS appropriate for students at beginning learning levels?

Because the strategies are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies, we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to student instruction. Our programming addresses student motivation and engagement in addition to instructional consistency and repetition. By providing appropriate levels of instruction for students at a range of learning levels, SOLS is particularly beneficial to students who are often unable to access traditional educational services.

What is included in SOLS?

The STAR Online Learning System incorporates assessment, progress monitoring, lesson plans, and instructional resources to address learners at a variety of levels. This comprehensive package includes access to instructional materials, videos, data forms, and downloadable visual supports. The curriculum also includes a weekly homework packet and extensive independent work activities leveled according to learner needs.

Who can implement SOLS? 

Lesson plans include extensive information on implementation and can be successfully used by teachers, paraprofessionals, and related service staff. Extensive professional development is included with SOLS. Implementers are provided fidelity of instruction checklists to self-monitor instructional fidelity. STAR Autism Support Certified Trainers can also provide real time instruction direct to your students, if requested.

How many sessions are included?

The curriculum includes scripted lesson plans for 120 lessons across all three strands. Each lesson session includes activities, videos, direct instruction lessons in receptive and expressive language, academics, communication, play and social skills, functional routines, and rotating homework activities.