STAR Autism Support can assist your district to move evidence-based practices into the classroom through a variety of curriculum tools.

The National Standards Report and National Professional Development Center have identified the most effective strategies for working with students with autism. However, many school programs still struggle to find practical solutions that align with educational standards and meet the needs of students of all ages in a variety of settings. 

STAR Autism Support curricula tools meet the needs of school-based programs while implementing effective research-based strategies!  The STAR Program and Links Curriculum span pre-school through post-secondary grade levels.  These curricula provide districts with a comprehensive district-wide solution to ensure consistency among staff, clear student objectives, and effective student progress monitoring that translates into data-based decision making.

The STAR Program is the ONLY curriculum for students with autism that has been validated as effective by NIH, IES and other independent federal and state funded research!

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