State Standards

Common Core State Standards and State Learning Standards

The Common Core State Standards or learning standards specific for a state define what children K-12 should learn in school so they can graduate and be successful members of society. For children with significant disabilities, many states have adopted alternative achievement standards that have been aligned with the Common Core State Standards or the learning standards specific for their state.

Educators creating Individual Education Plans (IEPs) also need to align the student’s IEP to state standards or the Common Core State Standards to ensure that all students are making progress in the general education curriculum. Aligning IEPs to standards can also assist IEP teams in prioritizing which content standards will be the focus for instruction when teaching children with autism.

The STAR Program and Links Curriculum have a developmental progression of lessons (i.e., scope and sequence) that addresses core content such as reading and math, then applies these skills in a functional way (e.g., money ID to purchase items in a store).

The chart below identifies how The STAR Program and Links Curriculum assist IEP teams to develop IEPs and instructional content for students with autism aligned to state standards.

STAR/Links Student Assessment
  • Identifies present levels of performance
  • Identifies next instructional targets (lessons)for IEP Development
Lesson Content
  • Aligned to Common Core State Standards or Essential Elements
  • Developmental progression of skills can be easily aligned to specific state content standards
  • Teaches to the content of standards and/or prerequisite skills needed to reach standards
  • Instruction is provided in critical areas for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders including communication, self-management, social skills, and life skills
Evidence-based Instructional Methods / Practices
  • Use of evidence-based strategies for teaching process
  • Research-validated curriculum


Follow the links below to learn more about how The STAR Program and Links Curriculum are aligned to the Common Core.

Relationship Between the Common Core State Standards and the STAR Program lessons:

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