Long-Term Initiatives

Personal Learning and Professional Development
  • Learning from the autistic community and caregivers of individuals with autism to better understand how we can advocate for the populations we serve
  • Seeking partnerships with community members and DEI practitioners to build capacity internally
  • Continually seeking professional development opportunities related to DEI
  • Continuing to carve out time during recurring meetings for ongoing discussions about inclusive language, cultural responsiveness, advocacy, social justice, and representation
Evaluating Curriculum and Materials
  • Continuously evaluating and updating curriculum and training materials—including training videos, content, graphics, and illustrations—to be more inclusive, culturally responsive, and accessible
  • Seeking feedback from customers and community members about the inclusivity of our curriculum and materials, as well as ideas for additional DEI initiatives
  • Creating a feedback form on our website for requests related to increasing diversity and representation in our materials (e.g., visual supports)
  • Creating instructional materials related to culturally responsive teaching
Hiring, Recruitment, and Retention
  • Evaluating our recruitment and retainment practices to build a diverse and inclusive organization
  • Continue offering employees competitive benefits, paid time off, and flexible work arrangements
  • Creating a leadership course for all employees to participate in
  • Dedicating time for wellness and establishing personal connections to foster inclusion and belonging in the workplace
Building Relationships with our Community
  • Expanding our work with families to encourage collaboration, shared goals, and consistency between home and school
  • Seeking volunteer opportunities to better serve our community
  • Advocating for the autistic community and students with disabilities by promoting acceptance and inclusion
  • Evaluating our sponsorships through a DEI lens
  • Evaluating our suppliers through a DEI lens
Increasing Access
  • Expanding accessibility in trainings and curricular materials:
    • Adding captions to all videos
    • Adjusting content to meet accessibility guidelines
  • Increasing access for non-English speaking providers, students, and families
    • Creating visual supports and resources in multiple languages
    • Providing translated materials and/or interpretation during training
    • Expanding curriculum materials to be multi-culturally relevant
  • Continuing to provide free resources to families and educators
  • Working with districts and schools to ensure our services reach educators and students from multi-cultural backgrounds (including underprivileged populations)
Sustainability and Reducing our Carbon Footprint
  • Creating instructional materials related to sustainability and climate justice
  • Examining our sustainability practices to create initiatives related to reducing our carbon footprint
  • Using digital tools in lieu of printed materials (i.e., workshop handouts) to minimize printing and waste