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Three STAR Resources to Set Up Families and

Caregivers for Success

Learning from home is an unexpected challenge for many families, and incorporating students’ education into family routines can be complicated and overwhelming. Our free Home Supports include new supports for families facing these challenges. In this month’s newsletter we break down several of our resources:

Home Support Webinars

To assist caregivers and families through our Home Supports, we offer webinars geared toward incorporating visual supports into daily routines. Starting with our webinars, caregivers and families can learn quick tips and easy ways to implement Home Supports and support students learning from home. Learn new ways to motivate students, teach independence by following visual schedules, and use creative prompting strategies to teach and reinforce skills and routines.

New Look, Same Resources You Love

You may have noticed a little rearranging in our Home Supports lately. We have reorganized many of the Home Supports categories to make them easier for families to find exactly what they need. Need visuals to support remote learning? Try the Learning From Home category. Want to support transitions and student behavior? Find schedules, token boards, and more in the Supporting Positive Behavior category.

We have even added several new resources to different categories, including the Making a Video Call sequence strip (English | Español) and Family Activity Choice icons (English | Español). Try out these new resources and find old favorites as you explore the new categories. 

Remember the REELs!

With our SOLS At Home unit, caregivers and families can also use the REEL to support students in academic activities and independent work, as well as with routines. SOLS subscribers who are familiar with the REELs can easily show caregivers and families how to navigate and use the tool with their students. For those who are new to REELs, try our Getting Started With SOLS At Home page created to help navigate and support families with these free resources. 

We have also been celebrating #CaregiverWeek this past week on social media. Missed it? Be sure to follow us, as we released a free resource to help families and caregivers in communicating with teachers. Find it here on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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