May Newsletter | New Curriculum: Social Emotional Learning!

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New Curriculum: Social Emotional Learning!

Have you ever dreamed of a complete curriculum for teaching social emotional learning (SEL)? Perhaps a curriculum that highlights emotional regulation alongside essential social skills? STAR Autism Support has heard you, and in July we will release a brand-new curriculum for social learning and emotional regulation! 

Curriculum Overview

The SOLER (Social Learning and Emotional Regulation) curriculum is a comprehensive social skills curriculum for students with autism and other social learning challenges. SOLER is specifically designed for elementary students and can be used in small groups and one-on-one settings. Teachers can now target social skills instruction through evidence-based lessons that provide scope and sequence, supported by scaffolded learning opportunities. 

The curriculum is organized into three units; each unit highlights domains identified by The Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). Find information about the curricular units and framework in the table below and here.


Evidence-Based Foundations

Like all our curricula, including STAR and Links, SOLER’s instructional procedures are evidence-based, leading to skill acquisition, skill performance, and generalization of skills in everyday, real-world settings. Essential behavioral strategies in the curriculum include:
      • Obtaining baseline information to determine students’ current level for each skill target and where to begin instruction
      • Providing step-by-step instruction building on previously learned skills
      • Breaking skills down into small, teachable steps (view our Task Completion Chart as an example)
      • Using antecedent strategies to provide students with clear information about expected behaviors
      • Clearly defining expected student responses for instructors
      • Using consequent strategies to provide frequent reinforcement and correction if needed
      • Using evidence-based practices including social narratives, role-play, peer-based instruction, video modeling, and self-monitoring
      • Measuring progress both during the social skills group and during generalization of skills in natural settings

Comprehensive Supports and Data Collection

SOLER includes a comprehensive suite of supports and data collection strategies—everything you need to maximize social emotional learning in your classroom! Data collection forms and guides help you determine when students have mastered target skills and are ready to move on to the next phase. Data analytics also suggest content for any students who need more instructional support.

Additional resources include an SEL Standards Alignment Guide (perfect for establishing IEP goals), printable worksheets and visual supports, and a massive video modeling library.

Explore what SOLER can do for your students this year!

Watch a Preview of the SOLER Curriculum: