Refunds and Returns: Products that you choose to return within 30 days are eligible for a full refund, assuming the products are unopened.  If you are somehow dissatisfied with the product you have purchased at any time within this time period please contact STAR Autism Support at 503-716-8203 to request a return and/or a refund.

Shipping Carrier: STAR Autism Support uses UPS Ground Standard as our primary method of shipping.

Processing Times: If you have not received your order within the following time frame please contact STAR Autism Support at 503-716-8203 to inquire about your shipment.

1.  Continental USA: 10-14 business days

2.  Canada, Hawaii, Alaska: 14-21 business days

3.  Overseas: 21-28 business days

Pricing: All product Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Tax ID Number: 26-4433460; Contact us for a W-9.