Teaching Simulations: How to Support Students Applying for a Job

Secondary students benefit from instruction in a variety of settings, including school, vocational & community settings. Providing students the opportunity to learn and practice skills prior to going into the natural community setting is vital.

Students often need repeated practice in the community in order to be independent within routines. Although teaching skills in community settings is best for generalization, many teachers find this is not realistic on a daily basis. To supplement community routines, teachers can provide repetition by creating “simulations” in the classroom. Looking towards the future for our secondary students is essential. Students need to be taught the skills to successfully apply and attain a job after their school career. Below is an example of a lesson plan from the Links Curriculum: Applying for a Job Simulation.

Click the image below to download the full lesson plan.

Click the visual below to download a job application template!

This lesson teaches students to participate in Applying for a Job. A few ideas when planning this simulation: 

  1. Schedule this activity two or three times per week.  Rotate the location to simulate applying for a variety of jobs.
  2. Select an individual (either student or staff/volunteer) to be the “worker” at the “job.”
  3. Present a visual strip to the student before practicing the simulation.
  4. Provide follow up opportunities for students to simulate interviewing for a job using the Links Interviewing for a Job routine.
  5. Have paper and computer-based applications available

Watch a Job Interviewing Simulation Below! (special thanks to Widney High CTC)