February Newsletter | Exploring Video Modeling

February Newsletter | Video Modeling

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Exploring Video Modeling

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At its core, video modeling involves presenting individuals with autism a video demonstration of a specific behavior or skill. An evidence-based practice, video modeling leverages visual processing, which is frequently a strength among individuals on the autism spectrum. One of the key advantages of video modeling is its adaptability: Research has found it to be effective in teaching a multitude of topics and skills, and it can be used to improve engagement and comprehension among students with a variety of developmental needs.

Building Social Skills Brick by Brick

One of the benefits of video modeling is its impact on social skills development, offering a detailed visual guide to appropriate social behaviors in various contexts. In an area that many students find challenging, video modeling makes the tricky nuances of social skills more accessible: By showcasing appropriate social interactions and behaviors, students can observe, understand, and practice new skills. Did you know that Themes First! now includes social skills video models? Check out the video model—"Asking and Inviting Others to Play"—from this month’s unit, and try it in your classroom today! And, with even more social skills teaching resources, including video models, SOLER is a complete curriculum for students with social learning challenges.

Real-World Application Beyond the Classroom

The applicability of video modeling extends beyond the classroom. Is there a particular skill your students are struggling to master? Or is there a local activity or public space that’s challenging to navigate? Students can improve these practical skills with the help of individualized video models, and the Links curriculum video modeling guide (English | Español) shows you how.

Supporting Students at All Levels

While video modeling is very effective for many students, some students need prerequisite skills in order to reap its benefits. For level-appropriate visual supports, check out the always-popular free Home Supports and Routine Essentials social supports including Friendship Invites (English | Español).