TouchMoney Game and Worksheets

Product Description: 

TouchMoney uses a proven kinesthetic approach to make learning to count coins quick and easy.  Based on the idea that all coins except pennies can be counted using 5's, this step-by-step process helps students of all ages experience success with this essential life skill.

How it Works:

Students learn to count "TouchPoints" on nickels, dimes, and quarters to determine the value of the coins.  Each "TouchPoint" equals five cents.  Pennies are "TouchCounted" last since they are worth one cent each.

Six-Step Process:

"TouchCounting" is taught in six simple steps:

Step 1 Learning to count by 1's and 5's and to recognize money symbols.

Step 2 Identifying each type of coin and its value.

Step 3 Learning the location of TouchPoints on each type of coin.

Step 4 TouchCounting coins using marked TouchPoints.

Step 5 TouchCounting coins without the TouchPoints drawn on the coins.

Step 6 TouchCount Shopping: TouchCounting coins to "buy" various "real-life" items"

The TouchMoney Game complements the popular TouchMoney Worksheets.  Students practice finding the total values of various groups of coins shown on draw cards (with TouchPoints) and realistic coins (without TouchPoints) drawn from the money tray in the center of the game board.  Players TouchCount no more than six coins at a time.  Total values do not exceed $1.00.

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