PRT Quick Tips

Pivotal Response Training (PRT) is one of the components of the STAR Program. PRT is a behavioral method that uses naturalistic teaching strategies to teach language and play skills. Following an ABA format, teachers are able to create teachable moments in context.  There are many advantages in teaching new skills through PRT. The strategy can be used anywhere (i.e., choice time, 1:1 instruction, recess, small group). Parents, siblings and peers can all use the strategy and the instruction typically increases motivation, decreases frustration, and is fun for both the student and instructor!  

Click the image below to download Routine Essentials PRT Play Interactions


Here are some quick tips to get started with PRT: 

  • Fill out the STAR Learning Profile to identify a PRT lesson to begin instruction.
  • Gather a variety of engaging and motivating toys. Toys with parts and pieces work best.
  • Control access: place toys in a large bin, up high on a shelf, or behind a curtain.
  • Watch video examples of PRT lessons on the STAR Media Center. The STAR Media Center has video streaming of all 154 STAR program lessons! See an example of STAR Level 1 PRT Lesson Video, Initial Requesting, below.
  • Be a careful observer of your student's interests and create multiple opportunities for language and play responses. The STAR Media Center Routine Essentials Program provides many ideas to use during your PRT sessions and throughout the day. 


Watch the STAR Level 1 PRT Lesson Video Below!