Training Paraprofessionals

In a busy classroom, instruction is occurring at all times. Teachers, related service staff and paraprofessionals are creating learning opportunities and keeping students engaged throughout the day.  In a well-run classroom, it's difficult to distinguish between the teacher and the paraprofessionals.  Paraprofessionals hold a vital and important role in teaching our students.  Here are five quick tips for training paraprofessionals to provide consistent instruction in the STAR program:

1. Review each student’s Student Learning Profile with the staff that work with the student.

2. Do a short “staffing” on each child. Have the staff who work with the students demonstrate 2 or 3 of the students' lessons. 

3. Videotape staff implementing STAR lessons and share at a staff meeting. Discuss data collection and implementation procedures.

4. Review the Behavior Chapter in the STAR manual.

5. Watch video examples of specific student lessons on the STAR Media CenterThe STAR Media Center has video streaming of all 154+ STAR program lessons.  This is an ideal way to train staff to implement all strategies in the program!

STAR Program Video Examples: